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Dispositional measures.

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posted on 19.04.2013 by Ezequiel Gleichgerrcht, Jean Decety

Comparison of dispositional measures between physicians grouped based on whether their individual experience in the medical field was above (More Experienced) or below (Less Experienced) the sample’s average. Effect sizes are reported both before (left) and after (right) covarying for age and gender.

EC = Empathic Concern, PD = Personal Distress, PT = Perspective Taking, CS = Compassion Satisfaction, BO = Burnout, STS = Secondary Traumatic Stress, DDF = Difficulty Describing Feelings, DIF = Difficulty Identifying Feelings, EOT = Externally-Oriented Thinking, TOT = Total Alexithymia score, ALT = Total Altruism score; ALT-D = Direct Contact Altruism, ALT-I = Indirect Contact Altruism.