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Differentially expressed transcripts overlapping minimum two previous ncRNA predictions.

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posted on 23.12.2010, 00:17 by Gard O. S. Thomassen, Ragnhild Weel-Sneve, Alexander D. Rowe, James A. Booth, Jessica M. Lindvall, Karin Lagesen, Knut I. Kristiansen, Magnar Bjørås, Torbjørn Rognes

14 differentially expressed transcripts (fold-change is log2) overlap with predictions of ncRNAs made by Saetrom et al. [17] and with previous predictions found in the list compiled by Hershberg et al.[34]. The probabilities of differential expression for these transcripts are greater than 99.5%. The transcripts were detected by the sliding window method. All candidate transcript details can be found by the ID column in supplementary info at GEO (GSE13829).