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Differentially alternatively spliced candidate genes selected from the Whole Exon Gene Array and RNA-Seq data for RT-PCR validation in activated T cells between 0 and 48 hours.

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posted on 19.11.2009, 01:55 by Yevgeniy A. Grigoryev, Sunil M. Kurian, Aleksey A. Nakorchevskiy, John P. Burke, Daniel Campbell, Steve R. Head, Jun Deng, Aaron B. Kantor, John R. Yates III, Daniel R. Salomon

ANOVA p-value for Probe Set expression as calculated by XRAY.


ANOVA p-value for alternative Probe Set usage (alternative splicing) as calculated by XRAY.


Exons in which the F (forward) and R (reverse) PCR primers are located.


Known Alternative Splicing Events for the detected Probe Set shown in the UCSC Genome browser.


Change in alternative splicing as calculated by XRAY analysis at 48 vs 0 hours (activation at 48 hours).


Change in exon counts (number of reads that align to the exon) as observed from the RNA-Seq data at T48 vs T0 hours. Abbreviations: Ex  =  exon, Int  =  Intron, Ext  =  extended exon, alt-C-term  =  alternative C terminal, alt-3′  =  alternate 3