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Development and Application of a High Throughput Protein Unfolding Kinetic Assay

posted on 18.01.2016, 15:12 by Qiang Wang, Nicklas Waterhouse, Olusegun Feyijinmi, Matthew J. Dominguez, Lisa M. Martinez, Zoey Sharp, Rachel Service, Jameson R. Bothe, Elliott J. Stollar

The kinetics of folding and unfolding underlie protein stability and quantification of these rates provides important insights into the folding process. Here, we present a simple high throughput protein unfolding kinetic assay using a plate reader that is applicable to the studies of the majority of 2-state folding proteins. We validate the assay by measuring kinetic unfolding data for the SH3 (Src Homology 3) domain from Actin Binding Protein 1 (AbpSH3) and its stabilized mutants. The results of our approach are in excellent agreement with published values. We further combine our kinetic assay with a plate reader equilibrium assay, to obtain indirect estimates of folding rates and use these approaches to characterize an AbpSH3-peptide hybrid. Our high throughput protein unfolding kinetic assays allow accurate screening of libraries of mutants by providing both kinetic and equilibrium measurements and provide a means for in-depth ϕ-value analyses.