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Culicoides species first reported in mainland Portugal and Azores archipelago and their presence in other European and Mediterranean countries.

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posted on 19.04.2012, 00:36 by David W. Ramilo, Suraya Diaz, Isabel Pereira da Fonseca, Jean-Claude Delécolle, Anthony Wilson, José Meireles, Javier Lucientes, Rita Ribeiro, Fernando Boinas

Syn. – Synonymy;


Since the first specimen identified until the beginning of November 2010;


Since the first specimen until July 2011;


According to [14], [24], [25];


From a total of 29844 midges belonging to the Obsoletus Group, where females of C. obsoletus s.s., C. scoticus, C. chiopterus and C. dewulfi are included. SEC/MC – South European and Mediterranean Countries (Portuguese mainland; Spain; Andorra; France; Corsica; Italy; Sicily; Greek mainland; Croatia; Bulgaria; Morocco; Algeria; Tunisia; Cyprus; North Aegean Islands; Dodecanese Islands; Turkey); CEC – Central European Countries (Netherlands; Belgium; Germany; Switzerland; Austria; Romania; Czech Republic; Slovakia; Bosnia and Herzegovina; Ukraine; Poland; Romania; Hungary; Central Russia); NEC – North European Countries [Belarus; Estonia; United Kingdom; Ireland (incl. North Ireland); Sweden; Denmark; Norwegian mainland; Lithuania; Latvia; Northwest Russia].