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Concentration of phosphorus compounds in two steps extracts of animal manures determined by Murphy-Riley (1962).

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posted on 2014-07-22, 03:02 authored by Guohua Li, Haigang Li, Peter A. Leffelaar, Jianbo Shen, Fusuo Zhang


NaHCO3-Pi and NaHCO3-Po are NaHCO3-extractable inorganic and organic phosphorus; NaOH/EDTA-Pi and NaOH/EDTA-Po are NaOH/EDTA-extractable inorganic and organic phosphorus.

Inorganic phosphorus (Pi) in each extract was determined by Murphy-Riley (1962). Organic phosphorus (Po) in each extract was calculated as the difference between Pt and Pi. Values in parenthesis are the percentage of total manure phosphorus in each extract.

Residual P was determined using H2SO4-H2O2 digestion of the residual.