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Comparison of top chick survival models among the landscape-scale covariate groups.

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posted on 18.06.2013, 01:19 by Michael R. Guttery, David K. Dahlgren, Terry A. Messmer, John W. Connelly, Kerry P. Reese, Pat A. Terletzky, Nathan Burkepile, David N. Koons

All models contain the base effects of quadratic chick age and hen age. Models were evaluated using the Quasi-Akaike's Information Criterion (QAIC). K = number of parameters. wi = model weight (i.e. the likelihood of a particular model being the best model). R-score = percent reduction of deviance relative to the base model (Quadratic Chick Age+Hen Age). The saturated model contains effects for site (1 parameter) and each year (7 parameters). Typically 8 parameters would be required to model the effects of 9 years. However, because years did not overlap between the 2 sites we were able to fully specify year effects with only 7 parameters.