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Comparison of IBD-SOT patients with unchanged or improved IBD activity (n = 24) and IBD-SOT patients with worsened IBD activity (n = 7; univariate analysis).

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posted on 19.08.2015, 02:51 by Fabian Schnitzler, Matthias Friedrich, Johannes Stallhofer, Ulf Schönermarck, Michael Fischereder, Antje Habicht, Nazanin Karbalai, Christiane Wolf, Marianne Angelberger, Torsten Olszak, Florian Beigel, Cornelia Tillack, Burkhard Göke, Reinhart Zachoval, Gerald Denk, Markus Guba, Christian Rust, Norbert Grüner, Stephan Brand

Steroid treatment for IBD after SOT was significantly associated with worsening of disease activity (p = 0.028). However, this association may be most likely explained by the fact that IBD patients with worsening of IBD activity after SOT will be primarily treated with steroid treatment rather than steroid treatment being an independent risk factor for worsening of IBD activity after SOT.