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Collapse association of POMC rare variants with substance dependence (SD) or body mass index (BMI).

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posted on 2012-09-17, 01:48 authored by Fan Wang, Joel Gelernter, Henry R. Kranzler, Huiping Zhang

SD: substance (alcohol, cocaine, opioid and/or marijuana) dependence.

AD: alcohol dependence; CD: cocaine dependence; OD: opioid dependence; MjD: marijuana dependence.

Normal weight: BMI  = 18.5–24.9; Overweight: BMI  = 25–29.9; Obese: BMI ≥30;

PFET,1df: P values obtained using the rare variant collapsing method and the Fisher Exact test (df  = 1).

Counts: adjusted numbers of minor (before the slash symbol "/") and total (after the slash symbol "/") alleles in the conditioned group (i.e., subjects with SD or high BMI, on the left side) and the comparison group (i.e., control subjects or subjects with normal BMI, on the right side) using the harmonic mean method [42].


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