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Clinical characteristics.

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posted on 2013-06-04, 00:27 authored by Rajapandian SivaGanesa Karthikeyan, Jeganathan Lakshmi Priya, Sixto M. Leal Jr, Jonida Toska, Arne Rietsch, Venkatesh Prajna, Eric Pearlman, Prajna Lalitha

Data are number and percent (%) of patients, unless otherwise indicated. Patients (n = 48) had corneal ulcers and presented at the clinic within 1–2 weeks after infection; corneal scrapings from the ulcer were used in the present study. Ten donor corneas from individuals with no infection or inflammation were obtained from the International Rotary Aravind Eye Bank. NA, not applicable.


accumulation of neutrophils in the anterior chamber.