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Chromosome, plasmid and resistance gene details of drug resistant S. Typhi isolated up to 1993*.

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posted on 19.07.2011, 01:37 by Kathryn E. Holt, Minh Duy Phan, Stephen Baker, Pham Thanh Duy, Tran Vu Thieu Nga, Satheesh Nair, A. Keith Turner, Ciara Walsh, Séamus Fanning, Sinéad Farrell-Ward, Shanta Dutta, Sam Kariuki, François-Xavier Weill, Julian Parkhill, Gordon Dougan, John Wain

Chr - S. Typhi chromosomal haplotype; Plas - IncHI1 plasmid sequence type;

*- MDR S. Typhi isolated after 1993 that were not of the H58 haplotype or PST6 IncHI1 haplotype; y - gene detected in isolate.