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Characterization of five lead candidates selected for in vivo testing.

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posted on 09.01.2014, 02:57 by Katrin Ingram-Sieber, Noemi Cowan, Gordana Panic, Mireille Vargas, Nuha R. Mansour, Quentin D. Bickle, Timothy N. C. Wells, Thomas Spangenberg, Jennifer Keiser

In vitro activity on P. falciparum 3D7, NTS, adult S. mansoni, cytotoxicity on MRC5-cells, and pharmacokinetic parameters* of 5 active compounds selected for in vivo studies identified in 2 parallel screens at the Swiss TPH and LSHTM.

PK parameters are unpublished data, In vitro activity on P. falciparum 3D7 and cytotoxicity on MRC5-cells can be found at