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Characteristics of the health care workers vaccinated with the monovalent 2009 AS03-adjuvanted pandemic vaccine or the 2010–2011 trivalent inactivated seasonal vaccine.

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posted on 20.02.2013, 02:57 by Gaston De Serres, Marie-Claude Gariépy, Brenda Coleman, Isabelle Rouleau, Shelly McNeil, Mélanie Benoît, Allison McGeer, Ardith Ambrose, Judy Needham, Chantal Bergeron, Cynthia Grenier, Kenna Sleigh, Arlene Kallos, Manale Ouakki, Najwa Ouhoummane, Grant Stiver, Louis Valiquette, Anne McCarthy, Julie Bettinger

For 2009 this information was collected in only one site.

NA: Not available.