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Table S1 - Brain’s Reward Circuits Mediate Itch Relief. A Functional MRI Study of Active Scratching

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posted on 06.12.2013, 03:27 by Alexandru D. P. Papoiu, Leigh A. Nattkemper, Kristen M. Sanders, Robert A. Kraft, Yiong-Huak Chan, Robert C. Coghill, Gil Yosipovitch

Regions of interest involved in the brain processing of itch significantly impacted by scratching. Brain areas correlated with itch relief and scratching pleasurability are shown. The highest Z scores > 2.3 are presented for most significantly correlated clusters. *Deactivated in a higher-level contrast analysis in comparison to itch condition. # Results of regression analyses performed for active scratching an itch are displayed. BA = Brodmann area; ACC = anterior cingulate cortex; PCC = posterior cingulate cortex; VTA = ventral tegmental area; PAG = periaqueductal gray; VPL= ventral posterolateral nucleus; VPM = ventral posteromedial nucleus; AN = anterior nucleus; LON = lateral posterior nucleus; LDN = lateral dorsal nucleus; MD = mediodorsal nucleus.



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