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Baseline characteristics of tuberculosis patients of African vs. Eurasian ancestry.

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posted on 2013-07-04, 02:58 authored by Anna K. Coussens, Robert J. Wilkinson, Vladyslav Nikolayevskyy, Paul T. Elkington, Yasmeen Hanifa, Kamrul Islam, Peter M. Timms, Graham H. Bothamley, Alleyna P. Claxton, Geoffrey E. Packe, Mathina Darmalingam, Robert N. Davidson, Heather J. Milburn, Lucy V. Baker, Richard D. Barker, Francis A. Drobniewski, Charles A. Mein, Leena Bhaw-Rosun, Rosamond A. Nuamah, Christopher J. Griffiths, Adrian R. Martineau

Data are number (%) or mean (standard deviation) except where stated. IQR, inter-quartile range; BMI, body mass index; AFB, acid-fast bacilli. DBP, vitamin D binding protein; A, Baseline sputum smear result unavailable for 2 Eurasian participants; B, M. tuberculosis genotype unavailable for one Eurasian participant.