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Association of the top SNP from each locus with agonist-induced platelet aggregation in whole blood.

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posted on 08.03.2012, 00:18 by Rehan Qayyum, Beverly M. Snively, Elad Ziv, Michael A. Nalls, Yongmei Liu, Weihong Tang, Lisa R. Yanek, Leslie Lange, Michele K. Evans, Santhi Ganesh, Melissa A. Austin, Guillaume Lettre, Diane M. Becker, Alan B. Zonderman, Andrew B. Singleton, Tamara B. Harris, Emile R. Mohler, Benjamin A. Logsdon, Charles Kooperberg, Aaron R. Folsom, James G. Wilson, Lewis C. Becker, Alexander P. Reiner

Arachidonic acid 0.5 mmol/L, ADP 10 µmol/L, and collagen 5 µg/mL; MAF = minor allele frequency; ES = effect size.

Maximal aggregation was measured in ohms with impedance aggregometry 5 minutes after introducing agonist.