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Association of InDel 11 genotype with straighthead phenotype in a global germplasm collection.

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posted on 2013-02-19, 17:50 authored by Xuhao Pan, Qijun Zhang, Wengui Yan, Melissa Jia, Aaron Jackson, Xiaobai Li, Limeng Jia, Bihu Huang, Peizhou Xu, Fernando Correa-Victoria, Shigui Li

A total of 42 accessions showed parental alleles screened by InDel 11. The 32 accessions listed above were those that the genotype matched the expected phenotype, whereas for the remaining 10 accessions the genotype did not match the phenotype.


National Small Grain Collection accessions with PI No. and Clor No.


‘a’ as resistant, ‘b’ as susceptible, and ‘h’ as heterozygous genotype but still considered as resistant because straighthead is a dominant trait.


Straighthead rating using a 1–9 scale with <4 being resistant and >6 being susceptible.

Zhe733 and Jing185*: Straighthead resistant parents for the RIL populations.

Cocodrie and R312**: Straighthead susceptible parents for the RIL populations.

PVP***: Plant variety protection.