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Appendix S1 - Alien Roadside Species More Easily Invade Alpine than Lowland Plant Communities in a Subarctic Mountain Ecosystem

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posted on 26.02.2014, 03:05 by Jonas J. Lembrechts, Ann Milbau, Ivan Nijs

Analysis of the status of species that are considered alien. A species is considered alien if introduced from another region into the north of Norway. Information sources: columns A-F (see bottom). Column A-D: alien on a national scale. Column E-F: alien on a regional scale. If left empty, no data is available from this source or species is considered native according to the definition of the source. Numbers are year of first recording, X means a species is stated as alien in the source without year of first recording. Species are used based on an alien status in at least 2 independent sources. Species in red are left out due to ambiguities in species/subspecies definition. Origin after D.