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Abscess size and colonization of catheters according to dose of three Staphylococcus epidermidis strains in inbred C57BL/6JCrl , outbred Crl:CD1(ICR), and inbred BALB/cAnNCrl mice#.

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posted on 2012-05-07, 00:40 authored by Gunnar Sander, Tina Börner, André Kriegeskorte, Christof von Eiff, Karsten Becker, Esther Mahabir

four 8–12 week old male mice per bacterial- dose and phenotype were used.


CFUs: colony-forming unit,

SEM: standard error of the mean,


WT: wild type,


hemB: hemB knock-out mutant with small-colony-variant phenotype,


CM: complemented mutant of S. epidermidis hemB.


Values with different superscripts within a row, assigned to the same infectious dose, and separated between abscess size and colonization vary significantly (p<0.05; Student's unpaired t-test).