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20 highest-ranked gene sets significantly altered in CbCln6nclf/nclf cerebellar cells.

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posted on 2011-02-17, 02:25 authored by Yi Cao, John F. Staropoli, Sunita Biswas, Janice A. Espinola, Marcy E. MacDonald, Jong-Min Lee, Susan L. Cotman

*The top 20 NTk ranked gene set pathways in the CbCln6nclf/nclf dataset are shown (NTk Rank), ranked by the sigPathway program according to the average NTk statistics (NTk Stat). NTk statistics reflect how significant changes were within a given gene set (the higher the absolute value of the statistic, the greater its significance), and the direction of change (indicated by positive or negative statistics). For comparison, the CbCln3Δex7/8 dataset NTk Rank and NTk Stat values are also shown.