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Yost Index with 90% confidence intervals

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posted on 2021-12-20, 12:35 authored by Francis P. BoscoeFrancis P. Boscoe, Bian Liu, Furrina F. Lee, Li Niu, jordana lafantasie
We extend our previous work with the Yost Index by adding 90% confidence intervals to the index values. These were calculated using the variance replicate estimates published in association with the American Community Survey of the United States Census Bureau.

In the file yost-tract-2015-2019.csv, the data fields consists of 11-digit geographic ID built from FIPS codes (2 digit state, 3 digit county, 6 digit census tract); Yost index, 90% lower confidence interval; 90% upper confidence interval. Data is provided for 72,793 census tracts for which sufficient data were available. The Yost Index ranges from 1 (lowest socioeconomic position) to 100 (highest socioeconomic position).

For those only interested in using the index as we have calculated it, the file yost-tract-2015-2019 is the only file you need. The other 368 files here are provided for anyone who wishes to replicate our results using the R program yost-conf-intervals.R. The program presumes the user is running Windows machine and that all files reside in a folder called C:/yostindex. The R program requires a number of packages, all of which are specified in lines 10-22 of the program.

Details of this project are being published in the journal SSM-Population Health in 2022. The citation will be added here once it is available.

Additional years of data following this format are planned to be added to this repository in time.