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XMAn-A Homo sapiens Mutated Disease Peptides Database

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posted on 16.08.2016, 19:56 authored by Iulia M. LazarIulia M. Lazar
To enable the identification of mutated peptide sequences in complex biological samples, in this work, a disease protein database with mutation information collected from several public resources such as  OMIM and UniProtKB, was developed. In-house developed Perl-scripts were used to search and process the data, and to translate each gene-level mutation into a mutated peptide sequence. The disease mutation database comprises a total of 27,148 peptide entries from 2913 protein IDs. A description line for each entry provides the parent protein ID and name, the cDNA- and protein-level mutation site and type, the originating database, and the tissue type and corresponding hits. The database is FASTA formatted to enable data retrieval by commonly used tandem MS search engines.