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Wind data repository

posted on 21.09.2020, 19:39 authored by Mohanad KhazaaliMohanad Khazaali, Vasileios Christou, Paolo BocchiniPaolo Bocchini
This is a comprehensive repository of spatially and temporally correlated wind velocity samples. The samples are classified based on the maximum sustained wind speed (maximum 1-min average) and the 3-sec gust wind speed (maximum 3-sec average), which are the intensity measures commonly used for structural analysis. The repository consists of 58,000 wind samples with 1-hour duration, as well as 110,847 samples with 2-min and 87,257 wind samples with10-min durations. This database is meant to facilitate researchers and engineers in readily selecting and using wind velocity time histories for many applications, such as the analysis of tall structures located in open terrain areas.


NSF, CMMI-1541177, "CRISP Type 2/Collaborative Research: Probabilistic Resilience Assessment of Interdependent Systems (PRAISys)"

Pennsylvania Department of Community & Economic Development (DCED), PIT-19-02, "Strong wind vulnerability and recovery of telecom towers and control offices"


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