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Wikimedia editor activity (monthly)

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posted on 2019-12-17, 07:58 authored by Aaron HalfakerAaron Halfaker

This dataset contains a row for every (wiki, user, month) that contains a count of all 'revisions' saved and a count of those revisions that were 'archived' when the page was deleted.

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· wiki -- The dbname of the wiki in question ("enwiki" == English Wikipedia, "commonswiki" == Commons)

· month -- YYYYMM

· user_id -- The user's identifier in the local wiki

· user_name -- The user name in the local wiki (from the 'user' table)

· user_registration -- The recorded registration date for the user in the 'user' table

· archived -- The count of deleted revisions saved in this month by this user

· revisions -- The count of all revisions saved in this month by this user (archived or not)

· attached_method -- The method by which this user attached this account to their global account