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Water Temperature in the Little Bear River at Mendon Road near Mendon, UT, USA

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posted on 14.01.2014, 22:52 authored by Jeffery HorsburghJeffery Horsburgh, Amber Jones

This dataset contains water temperature observations for the Little Bear River at Mendon Road near Mendon, UT.  The data were recorded every 30 minutes. Individual measurements were made every 5 minutes, and the recorded values represent average values for the preceeding 30 minute interval. Observations were made using a Hydrolab Minisonde 5 multi-parameter water quality instrument connected to a Campbell Scientific datalogger.  The sensor was installed in the stream on the upstream side of the bridge in the center of the channel.  The data have been quality controlled, removing or interpolating obviously bad values.  Values were recorded in Degrees C. 


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