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Official documents regarding Vetter et al, Oncogene 2010, doi: 10.1038/onc.2010.181

posted on 12.06.2015, 13:40 by Leonid SchneiderLeonid Schneider

Documents about research misconduch associated with this publication, authored by/at the University of Luxembourg and CNRS.

This paper was supposed to be retracted due to the institutionally proven misconduct by the first author.
1. The request by the University of Luxembourg for retraction (Doc 10)

2. Letter by the University of Luxembourg to key author Charles-Henri Lecellier, who declined to retract the paper or to agree to a correction if it referred in any way to misconduct. The Letter by Lucienne Blessing explains the details of the institutional investigation and its findings of intentional data manipulation, committed by first author Guillaume Vetter (Doc 3.4; 3.5; 3.6)

3. Letter by Catherine Jessus on behalf of CNRS (in French), stating a clear preference for a correction, but not a retraction, despite the results of the external investigation in Luxembourg (Doc 6).

4. Data evolution of single single RT-PCR experiments. Please closely compare the details and scale bars of the diagrams. I was informed that also the version of March 2009 was actually already manipulated. Version from June 2009 was “updated” by Vetter (Slide 1 and 2).

5. Documents (Doc7.1, 7.2, 7.3; French) referring to the employment of G. Vetter as head of laboratory by the company Theradiag in Montpellier, which also closely collaborates with C-H. Lecellier and the local CNRS institute (IGMM). This announcement came long after G.Vetter was found responsible for the misconduct (see point 2) 


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