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Validation of 2D shock capturing flood models around a surcharging manhole

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posted on 2017-03-09, 17:28 authored by R. Martins, G. Kesserwani, M. Rubinato, S. Lee, J. Leandro, S. Djordjević, J. D. Shucksmith

This work offers a detailed validation of finite volume (FV) flood models in the case where horizontal floodplain flow is affected by sewer surcharge flow via a manhole. The FV numerical solution of the 2D shallow water equations is considered based on two approximate Riemann solvers, HLLC and Roe, on both quadrilateral structured and triangular unstructured mesh-types. The models are validated against a high resolution experimental data-set obtained using a physical model of a sewer system linked to a floodplain via a manhole. It was verified that the sensitivity of the models is inversely proportional to the surcharged flow/surface inflow ratio, and therefore requires more calibration from the user especially when concerned with localised modelling of sewer-to-floodplain flow. Our findings provide novel evidence that shock capturing FV-based flood models are applicable to simulate localised sewer-to-floodplain flow interaction.