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Urban spatial metrics for Metropolitan Statistical Areas in the U.S. from 1910 to 2010

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posted on 2020-11-30, 23:03 authored by Johannes H. UhlJohannes H. Uhl, Dylan S. Connor, Stefan Leyk, Anna E. Braswell
Urban spatial metrics for U.S. Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs), from 1910 to 2010 in 5-year intervals, describing size, density, shape and structure of urban spaces within 2010 MSA boundaries.

This dataset represents supplementary information to the publication
Uhl, J.H., Connor, D.S., Leyk, S. et al. A century of decoupling size and structure of urban spaces in the United States. Commun Earth Environ 2, 20 (2021).

Source data: Historical Settlement Data Compilation for the United States (HISDAC-US), see