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3D surface scan of Xenoposeidon proneneukos NHMUK R2095

posted on 2017-11-21, 11:57 authored by Mike TaylorMike Taylor

Three-dimensional surface model (11 million polygons) of NHMUK R2095, the holotype and only vertebra of Xenoposeidon proneneukos. A 3D polygon mesh file was created by Heinrich Mallison (Palaeo3D) in Agisoft Photoscan Pro version 1.3.0 (, from 95 high resolution digital photographs by the author. All 95 images aligned, and resulted in a dense point cloud at maximum resolution of 20,900,043 points and 44,871,128 polygons. Scaling was based on a single 10 cm scale bar created from a high quality scale bar placed in the pictures with the specimen.


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