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Ultrasensitive Photochromic Iodocuprate(I) Hybrid

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posted on 2016-08-19, 17:20 authored by Jun-Ju Shen, Xiang-Xia Li, Tan-Lai Yu, Feng Wang, Peng-Fei Hao, Yun-Long Fu
By employing in situ methylnicotinohydrazide dication (MNH2+) as an electron acceptor, we have constructed an iodocuprate­(I) hybrid {[MNH]­[Cu2I3]2}n (1), which exhibits charge transfer (CT) thermochromism due to the intense absorption of CT and electron transfer (ET) photochromism with high photocoloration contrast and fast response to UV irradiation due to the synergetic effect of valence change of copper ions.