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Two-Dimensional Indium Sulfide Framework Constructed from Pentasupertetrahedral P1 and Supertetrahedral T2 Clusters

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posted on 21.08.2006, 00:00 by Qichun Zhang, Xianhui Bu, Lei Han, Pingyun Feng
A new open-framework indium sulfide ([In12S24H2]10-) constructed from pentasupertetrahedral sulfide clusters ([In8S17H],- P1) and supertetrahedral sulfide clusters ([In4S10H],- T2) has been prepared through hydrothermal synthesis. Unlike previously reported P1 clusters that require divalent metal cations, the P1 cluster reported here consists of only trivalent ions (In3+) and is the only known example of tetrahedral clusters with a core sulfur site bonded to four trivalent ions. Each P1 cluster is joined to three T2 clusters (vice versa) to form an infinite two-dimensional sheet stacked along the crystallographic c-axis. In contrast with known three-dimensional open-framework indium sulfides in which locations of extraframework amines are rarely known due to disorder, structure-directing amine molecules are much less disordered as a result of host−guest N−H···S hydrogen bonding. The UV−vis diffuse reflectance spectrum shows that this material is a wide band gap semiconductor.