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Tree occurrences at species level

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posted on 2016-12-07, 16:31 authored by Giovanni Strona, ACHILLE MAURIACHILLE MAURI, Jesús San-Miguel-Ayanz
Datasets for tree occurrences at species level. The file is presented in comma separated values (.csv) with 6 columns indicating: 1)and 2) Coordinates in a ETRS89-LAEA reference coordinate system (EPSG:3015), representing the centroid of the INSPIRE compliant 1 km ×1 km European grid (X, Y) 3) The country where the forest plot was sampled (COUNTRY) 4) The name of the species sampled (SPECIES NAME) 5) The diameter class of the trunk, with value 1 for trunks with diameter smaller than 12 cm, value 2 for trunks with diameter larger than 12 cm (DBH), and value -9999 for trunks with unknown diameters. 6) Binary field stating whether or not the target occurrence falls within the species geographical range, measured as the extent of occurrence (EOO, see Technical validation paragraph for details).