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Top: Whole brain white matter means of DTI metrics (FA, MD, AD and RD) for the 5 time points.

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posted on 26.03.2021, 22:04 by Cheuk Y. Tang, Victoria X. Wang, Min Yin Lun, Joshua S. Mincer, Johnny C. Ng, Jess W. Brallier, Arthur E. Schwartz, Helen Ahn, Patrick J. McCormick, Tommer Nir, Bradley Delman, Mary Sano, Stacie G. Deiner, Mark G. Baxter

Bottom: % change between the time points (* indicates statistical significance). PRE—before induction of anesthesia, A1–40 mins, A2–100 mins after induction of anesthesia, D2 – 24hrs after general anesthesia, D7–7 days after general anesthesia.