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Timestamps of parrot vocalizations

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posted on 28.04.2019, 13:30 by Florencia NoriegaFlorencia Noriega, Adolfo Christian Montes-Medina
Timestamps of vocalizations of Lilac-crowned parrots Amazona finschi recorded in the Chamela-Cuixmala Biosphere Reserve, Mexico during the nesting period. Recordings obtained opportunistically when the male was found vocalizing and stopped when female came out of the nest cavity. Only one male parrot vocalizing per recording. Data comes from 12 recordings from four individuals, with two to four recordings per parrot, recording duration ranged between three and 12 minutes, with 46 to 186 calls per tape. Vocal units annotated manually from spectrograms using Raven version 1.4 and Audacity 19. Recordings named with nest parrot ID K3, GA, FH, FC followed by a recording ID given by a capital R and an index separated by a dash. So, label K3-R1 corresponds to recording one of male K3.

CSV file with four columns: t0 (onset time in seconds), tf (offset time in seconds), bird ID and recording ID.


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