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The effect of PEGylation is greatest at the IL2Rαβ complex bound to the SPR chip.

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posted on 2017-07-05, 17:39 authored by Deborah Charych, Samira Khalili, Vidula Dixit, Peter Kirk, Thomas Chang, John Langowski, Werner Rubas, Stephen K. Doberstein, Michael Eldon, Ute Hoch, Jonathan Zalevsky

Summary of binding kinetics for IL2 and active conjugated-IL2 species derived from NKTR-214 at the human IL2Rα, IL2Rβ, or IL2Rαβ. IL2Rαβ simulates the heterotrimeric IL2Rαβγ, whereas IL2Rβ simulates the heterodimeric IL2Rβγ.