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The National Policy of Special Education In The Inclusive Education Perspective: the Problematics of the Support School Inclusion Professional as One of its Effects

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posted on 2021-03-24, 09:39 authored by Giovani Ferreira BEZERRA

ABSTRACT: The support school inclusion professional is the theme of this paper. Its objective is to resume and analyze the characterization of this professional based on government guidelines and legal documents issued shortly after the publication of the National Policy of Special Education in the Perspective of Inclusive Education, in order to understand what is expected of this agent and his/her education in the context of inclusive Special Education outlined by the above policy. Therefore, regarding the methodological development, a qualitative approach was adopted, according to the technical procedures of the bibliographic and documentary research. It was found that the support school inclusion professional, whose designation is not univocal, has specific roles of care and monitoring of target students of Special Education, considering the legislation and official guidelines, but curricular and didactic-pedagogical issues are not within their competence. From a legal and normative point of view, there is a silence regarding the training required for the performance of the position, performed by university students or even people with High School level education. Such circumstances disqualify specialized education and the role of the Special Education teacher in the promotion of collaborative teaching, in the name of alternatives considered more economical for public schools.