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The Histoire ancienne jusqu'à César: Lemmatisation and Search (The Values of French)

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posted on 2022-01-28, 16:47 authored by Hannah MorcosHannah Morcos, Simon Gaunt, Maria Teresa Rachetta, Henry Ravenhall, Simone Ventura, Marcus Husar, Geoffroy Noël, Paul Caton, Ginestra Ferraro, Stephen Doerr, Natasha Romanova
The lemmatisation of The Histoire ancienne jusqu’à César: A Digital Edition is a key output of The Values of French. This dataset offers significant opportunities for linguistic and lexical analyses of medieval French.

The latest version of this lemmatised dataset can be browsed on the search page of The Values of French: (available until 2030).

This is an output of the ERC-funded project The Values of French Language and Literature in the European Middle Ages (EU Horizon 2020, grant agreement no. 670726), directed by Prof. Simon Gaunt (PI) and hosted by the Department of French, King's College London. For more information, visit (available until 2030).


ERC Horizon 2020 (grant agreement no. 670726)