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posted on 18.04.2018, 17:50 by Yuichi TakeuchiYuichi Takeuchi
A microcomputer-based system for task control of animal experiments.
The system is composed of three units: A, B, and C.
Unit A is a bridge between the main unit (unit C), external power sources (+5V, +12V, or 240 VAC), and an recording device with an interface (e.g. Amplipex). Unit B is for regulation of buzzers, LEDs, and solenoid valves. Unit C is the central unit with four STM microcomputers.
Unit A is composed of board A1, A2, and A3, which are for signal distribution, DC power and timing distribution, and 240 VAC regulation, respectively.
Unit B is composed of board B, E, and F, which are for buzzers, LEDs, and solenoid valves, respectively.
Unit C is composed of board C1 to C4 and one microcomputer on each, which are for control on buzzers and LEDs, solenoid valves, task cycles, and digitization of two analog external inputs, respectively.
Schema and PCB design of each board and enclosure are given.
Necessory componets are also given as a spreadsheet.
Code examples for microcomputers are available in the GitHub page below.


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