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LCA_complete_wRaw_toPublish.h5ad (8.38 GB)

scanpy/anndata files for Tabula Microcebus

Version 4 2021-12-14, 15:08
Version 3 2021-12-14, 15:06
Version 2 2021-09-14, 22:46
Version 1 2021-04-26, 02:36
posted on 2021-12-14, 15:08 authored by Camille EzranCamille Ezran, Angela PiscoAngela Pisco, The Tabula Microcebus Consortium

We provide the cell by gene count data for the Tabula Microcebus mouse lemur scRNAseq cell atlas in Python’s h5ad and Matlab’s mat formats, as well as scripts to export the files to R’s Seurat format. Datasets are organized as described in Datasets can also be explored and reannotated interactively using the cellxgene browser on the same web link.

LCA_complete_wRaw_toPublish.h5ad contains the entire atlas integrated using the FIRM algorithm (, while the other h5ad objects are individual tissues.