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Table of commercially-sourced antibodies used.

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posted on 2020-03-20, 17:23 authored by Phillip Stafford, Stephen Albert Johnston, Orhun H. Kantarci, Ameneh Zare-Shahabadi, Arthur Warrington, Moses Rodriguez

Ab Name is the title of the antibody as sold by the manufacturer. Protein target is the gene name of the protein that served as the antigen. Ab Clone is the nomenclature the manufacturer uses to identify the hybridoma cell lineage. Epitope is the target of the antibody, generally the position in the Protein Target (when known) that contains the exact epitope. Generally, a short Epitope implies a linear peptide was used as the immunogen. aa is the number of amino acids included in the linear immunogen. Source is the manufacturer, along with the catalog number. Host is the mammalian animal host. Last, isotype is the class of antibody produced.