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Serial Speakers: a Dataset of TV Series

posted on 2020-02-08, 12:10 authored by Xavier BostXavier Bost, Vincent LabatutVincent Labatut, Georges Linarès
Dataset of three TV Series with manual annotations.

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The dataset consists of 3 TV series:

- Breaking Bad: S01--S05 (file 'bb.json')
- Game of Thrones: S01--08 (file 'got.json')
- House of Cards: S01--S02 (file 'hoc.json')

All three files are in .json format and contain TV Series annotated data.

Each TV Series is defined by its name,

A TV Series contains seasons, defined by their ids.

Every season is made of episodes, defined by their ids, titles, duration and fps .

Each episode contains two basic kinds of data: scenes and speech segments.

Scenes are defined by starting points and are made of shots (Seasons 1 only).

A shot is defined by:

- Starting and ending positions.
- Recurring shot ids.

The speech segments are defined by their:

- Starting and ending points.
- Textual content (here encrypted for copyright reasons).
- Speaker.
- Possible interlocutors (for the following episodes only: bb: S01E04, S01E06, S02E03, S02E04; got: S01E03, S01E07, S01E08; hoc: S01E01, S01E07, S01E11).

All timestamps are expressed in seconds and are valid for the video files extracted from the commercial DVDs (PAL 25 FPS), with recaps (unannotated) included at the beginning of the House of Cards episodes.

In you are interested in the textual content of the dataset, please consider using our text recovering tool on GitHub:

A comprehensive description of the dataset can be found at:


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