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TNO Image Fusion Dataset

posted on 2022-10-15, 10:35 authored by Alexander ToetAlexander Toet

The TNO Image Fusion Dataset contains nultispectral (intensified visual, near-infrared, and longwave infrared or thermal) nighttime imagery of different military relevant scenerios, registered with different multiband camnera systems.

The different camera systems used to register this imagery are respectively Athena, DHV, FEL, and TRICLOBS. Imagery recorded with these systems are stored in folders labeled with the corresponding camera system name.

Information on the registration conditions and the respective camera systems is included in the REFRENCES sections in each of the folders.

The images can freely be used for research purposes, and may be used in publications without prior notice, provided proper credit is given to the owner (TNO, Soesterberg, The Netherlands) and this figshare dataset is properly referenced.


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