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THINGS-EEG: Human electroencephalography recordings for 22,248 images from 1,854 object concepts

posted on 01.10.2021, 12:22 by Tijl GrootswagersTijl Grootswagers
EEG data for 1854 object concepts presented in RSVP streams. This repository contains the RDMs from all participants. The raw data and the grand mean RDMs are hosted on Openneuro: https://openneuro.org/datasets/ds003825
Code and instructions are available on OSF: https://doi.org/10.17605/OSF.IO/HD6ZK

Compressed using 7zip (www.7-zip.org/)

sub-XX.7z - Full time by concept (275x1854x1854) RDMs for each subject, as well as the RDM for the 200 validation images (in cosmomvpa format)

49 total subjects (no data for sub-06, due to an incomplete recording)