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Synthetic Data for graphdb-benchmark

posted on 29.10.2014, 15:04 by Sotiris BeisSotiris Beis, Symeon PapadopoulosSymeon Papadopoulos, Yannis Kompatsiaris

The data we used to evaluate Louvain Method in the study Benchmarking Graph Databases on the Problem of Community Detection. These data werw synthetically generated using the LFR-Benchmark (3rd link). There are two type of files, networkX.dat and communityX.dat. The networkX.dat file contains the list of edges (nodes are labelled from 1 to the number of nodes; the edges are ordered and repeated twice, i.e. source-target and target-source). The first four lines of the networkX.dat file list the parameters we used to generate the data. The communityX.dat file contains a list of the nodes and their membership (memberships are labelled by integer numbers >=1). Note X correspond to the number of nodes each dataset contains.


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