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Synthesis, Structure, and Reactivity of Iridium NHC Pincer Complexes

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posted on 28.03.2011, 00:00 by Katherine M. Schultz, Karen I. Goldberg, Dmitry G. Gusev, D. Michael Heinekey
Iridium pincer complexes of the form (CCCMes)IrCl2 (1), (CCCMes)IrH4 (2), and (CCCMes)Ir(H)2L (L = PMe3 (3), pyridine (4)) have been prepared (CCC = [κ3-1,3-(CH2NHCMes)2C6H3]; NHCMes = N-mesitylimidazol-2-ylidene). Complexes 14 are the first examples of iridium complexes with CCC pincer ligands containing methylene bridges. Complex 2 activates C−H bonds of arenes at room temperature, as demonstrated by isotope exchange reactions. Under analogous conditions, no reaction was observed with alkanes.