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Sutcliffe et al Scientific Reports 2018 images

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posted on 18.12.2019, 14:26 by Matthew Sutcliffe, Philip Tan, Antonio Fernandez-Perez, Young-Jae Nam, Nikhil Munshi, Jeffrey SaucermanJeffrey Saucerman
Images used for Sarcomere Organization Texture Analysis in the manuscript:

Matthew D. Sutcliffe, Philip M. Tan, Antonio Fernandez-Perez, Young-Jae Nam, Nikhil V. Munshi and Jeffrey J. Saucerman. (2018). High content analysis identifies unique morphological features of reprogrammed cardiomyocytes. Scientific Reports 8, 1258.

These images were acquired by Antonio Fernandez-Perez, Young-Jae Nam, and Nikhil V. Munshi.

SOTA code is at the GitHub repository:

To reproduce analyses from the manuscript, place the Image folder within the directory for SOTA and run master.m.


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