Susceptibility of different Drosophila melanogaster DGRP lines to three sigma viruses.

2018-11-19T13:32:04Z (GMT) by Ben Longdon
We infected 32 lines from the Drosophila Genetic Reference Panel (DGRP) that were susceptible for both p62 (Ref2P) and CHKov (n=11 lines), were resistant for CHKov only (n=13 lines), or were resistant for both genes (n=8 lines) with DMelSV, DAffSV and DObsSV. No lines in the panel were resistant for p62 only. We infected a mean of 18 flies per line (range = 3-22).

ref2p_chkov coding as follows
("0_0", "0_1", "1_1") == ("Both sus", "Ref2P susceptible CHKov resistant", "Both resistant")