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Data: Surveillance Anxiety Survey 1

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posted on 2020-03-04, 15:56 authored by Kara C. HooverKara C. Hoover, Colette BerbesqueColette Berbesque
These data are the results of a survey designed to capture affective responses to the introduction of surveillance to festival environments. Festivals were chosen as a natural field lab for studying the affective relationship between citizens and surveillance. In referring to the festival as a natural field lab, we point to the real-world and authentic nature of the festival setting and the lack of control over variables that alter the festival experience. Participants were recruited via social media venues (e.g., Twitter, Facebook (Burning Man site), Reddit and SubReddit, efestivals [Glastonbury, General Discussion), university undergraduate and postgraduate students (Roehampton, Manchester), listservs (Digital Geography Research Group, Critical Geography, Digital Geography Specialty Group USA), and professional organizations (Royal Geographical Society/Institute of British Geographers).

We advertised the survey in two bouts: one without and with a request for the location participants attended the festival. The inclusion of location data in Wave 2 does not alter the data generated for the research question but does allow a subsample to compare country-based experiences, which might exist due to differing security norms. We expect no differences due to security norms because attendees are already familiar with their own security measures (e.g., the US is used to armed security in public spaces) and changes in surveillance or security presence will be relative to normal experience.