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Supplementary data files & video for Carrasco-Tenezaca published in the Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 'The relationship between house height and mosquito house entry: an experimental study in rural Gambia

posted on 05.05.2021, 18:46 by Steve LindsaySteve Lindsay, Majo Carrasco-Tenezaca, Musa Jawara, John Bradley, Umberto d’Alessandro, David Jeffries, Margaret Pinder, Jakob Knudsen
This study described the entry of mosquitoes entering houses at different heights in rural Gambia. We also show the data for temperature and carbon dioxide in the huts during the experiment. We also include a video of the experimental huts being moved up and down and a transcript of the focus group discussions held with men that slept in the experimental huts.


Building Out Vector-borne diseases in sub-Saharan Africa: the BOVA Network

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