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Supplementary Material for: In utero Fetal Intubation for a Large Neck Mass: A Minimally Invasive EXIT Option

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posted on 2018-04-11, 08:07 authored by Chmait R.H., Chon A.H., Anselmo D., Vanderbilt D.L., Townsend J., Julian-Wang B., Don D.
Fetuses with obstructive neck and orofacial lesions have been delivered via an ex utero intrapartum treatment (EXIT) procedure to facilitate securement of the airway while on placental circulation. Pregnancy-related cardiovascular changes and technical issues unique to an EXIT procedure increase fetal and maternal risks relative to a standard cesarean section. In order to circumvent such issues, fetal endoscopic intubation has been proposed. We report a case of a fetus with a large neck mass (mixed solid and multiloculated cystic lesion measuring 9.2 × 5.3 × 8.5 cm, neck hyperextension, protruding tongue, and serial gagging movements) that was successfully intubated in utero and delivered at 36 weeks and 0 days via standard cesarean section, thereby avoiding an EXIT procedure. The risks, benefits, and technical issues of in utero tracheal intubation are reviewed.